Welcome Students!

Welcome to the Broward County Public Schools Environmental Stewardship Website. We're excited to have you here, after all it's your great green achievements that are found throughout!

This web site shows you what other students are doing to protect and enhance the environment and wildlife. It will also give you some idea about how your school and all of the others are working hard to save the Everglades and even the Earth.

You can see all of the cool environmental projects your school, class and friends are working on by searching for your school page. You can skim through pictures and videos and show your parents the awesome green projects you and your classmates are involved in. How does your class or school do compared to the others? You can get some new ideas and share them to make your district one of the greenest ever!

If you don't see your environmental project, club or information on the site, then be sure to tell your teachers. They can get it added so everyone can see just what you've done.

Thanks again for all of your hard work in making this world (and your corner of it) a better place.