Policies & Procedures

Why Are Policies & Procedures Important?

Establishing methods to address complicated environmental issues ensures responsible environmental stewardship and sets standards for the implementation of district-wide practices and strategies to protect our resources and provide healthy learning environments. This consistency drives success and ensures that the Broward County School District has a plan in place for addressing these complex environmental challenges.

About policies and procedures

Broward County Public Schools has a number of procedures in place to protect the environment. There are procedures for recycling, paper reduction, irrigation practices, water and energy conservation and native habitat restoration, etc. Read through this page to learn more about each of our plans and policies and how they ensure proper environmental stewardship.

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Environmental Legislation

Environmental Stewardship Policy #7014

Environmental Strategic Plan

Green Design Standards

Magnet Programs

Maintenance Policy

Partnerships with Outside Organizations (SWFWMD, Keep America Beautiful, NOAA. etc.)

School District Strategic Goals

What Broward Schools Are Doing

Green Design Standards

In response to its Environmental Policy and Strategic Plan, the District has “greened” all Design Criteria and Design & Material Standards (technical specifications). These standards are tied to LEED Credits and will allow the District to choose LEED certification for buildings as desired.

SBBC Design Criteria

As we design and construct our buildings using green design criteria and material standards we are closer to providing the optimal learning environment.

District Strategic Plan, Goal #7 – Environmental Stewardship

A new goal was added to the 2008-2011 District Strategic Plan – Goal #7 – Environmental Stewardship which reads: Ensure district’s leadership as environmental stewards through innovative ecology and energy conservation programs.

Environmental Strategic Plan

School Board Member, Dr. Robert Parks, identified the need to develop a formal environmental plan that could be implemented district-wide. In May 2007, the Interim Superintendent of the Broward County Public Schools and the School Board commissioned the development of an Environmental Strategic Plan (ESP). The ESP defines how “green initiatives” will be used to support academic achievement in conjunction with the School Board of Broward County’s (SBBC) educational curriculum programs.

District Environmental Resolutions

  • Resolution #10-23 in Support of Green Schools Committee of United States Green Building Council (USGBC), South Chapter, Broward Branch
  • Resolution #09-98 in Support of Earth Day, April 22, 2009
  • Resolution #09-73 in Support of Green Week, April 20 – 24, 2009
  • Resolution #08-82 in Support of Water Conservation Month
  • Resolution #08-93 in Support of Clean Air Month
  • Resolution #08-78 in Support of Alternative Fuel Use Awareness Month
  • Resolution #08-11 in Support of Water Reuse Week
  • Resolution #07/92 in Support of Water Conservation Week – April 2007


District Environmental Resolutions

Environmental Stewardship Policy # 7014

SBBC Indoor Air Quality Manual

SBBC Design Criteria

School Board policies