Climate Change

Why is Climate Change Important?

Climate change, also known as global warming, has the potential to impact every living thing on this earth. Because of climate change, our world is seeing more extreme, erratic, and unusual weather. Florida’s two largest industries – agriculture and tourism – are completely dependent on climate. Climate change can cause droughts, floods, extreme weather, coral bleaching and other problems that could negatively impact our economy, our health, and our state.

Climate Change & the Greenhouse Effect

Climate change was once a controversial topic, but today it is widely accepted by the scientific community. Global warming is caused by an increase in heat-trapping pollution that is changing our global atmosphere.

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What Broward Schools Are Doing.

Broward Schools have a number of initiatives under way to address the impacts of climate change. Those initiatives include the following:

  • Expand the current recycle and reuse policy for vehicle parts (tires, oil, alternators, and windshields).
  • Purchase additional hybrid vehicles to replace obsolete vehicles.
  • Expand energy, fuel conservation, and emission control initiatives District-wide.
  • Fully implement “Energy Tools for Schools” (energy conservation program)
  • Upgrade all District Energy Management Systems.
  • Develop energy efficient building and landscaping specifications and criteria.
  • Participate in the Broward County Climate Change Task Force.
  • Implement the School Board of Broward County/Broward County NatureScape partnership.
  • Mitigate the District’s Carbon footprint with innovations and new technologies.

What Can You Do

  • Support clean energy. Purchase green energy packages through your local utility company. Visit our Renewable Energy page to learn more.
  • Save money on your electric bill. One of the best things you can do to prevent global warming is save money on electricity bills by becoming more efficient in your home and school. Visit our Energy Conservation page and our School Dude page to learn more.
  • Buy local products. Sometimes the things that we buy travel a long way to get into our homes. Buying locally made products decreases the fuel needed for transport.
  • Visit a farmers market. Local fruits and vegetables are fresher, taste better, are better for your health, and support the local economy.
  • Buy sustainable products. Avoid products that use virgin materials or products that are petroleum based. Look for pre and post consumer recycled product labels. Visit our Recycling & Waste page to learn more.
  • Talk about it. Talk to friends, parents, and kids about global warming impacts and what you can do to prevent it and protect our beautiful state. Be the change you want to see in the world.
  • Grow native plants. Mitigate your carbon footprint by planting native plant materials.
  • Restore nature. Help to restore indigenous habitats.


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