South Plantation Wins Third Fairchild Challenge Top Award

Created: 5/26/2010 11:31:16 AM Updated: 12:00:00 AM

For the third consecutive year, students in the Environmental Science and Everglades Restoration Magnet program at South Plantation High won the Fairchild Challenge, a multi-discipline competition relating to the environment. They competed in 11 options ranging from art to science and received $1,000 to continue their environmental initiatives.

The Fairchild Challenge named senior Richard Shawn Abrahams an Environmental Role Model for students and Dr. Alyce Culpepper the Teacher Environmental Role Model. Team coach, Pam Krauss, earned the Exemplary Educator Award.

The Paladins earned a first place or honorable mention or special recognition award in most options ending the competition with the most points.

First Place awards went to Ariella Benayoun for her T-shirt design that was placed on all the shirts for the 2010 Challenge. Other First Place honors went to Christian Keeve for his Opinion Paper, Nasreen Shad for Debate, Daneille Thomas for her Edible Plant Watercolor, Victoria Andonova, Candace O'Neill and Sasheem Snell for the LEED Design Science Classroom and Shelli Weinstein for Environmental Action PowerPoint. A group of students also received an Honorable Mention for the 11 gardens in the School Garden/Habitat Restoration category.
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