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  • During the 2014-2015 Regular Legislative Session, Florida legislators passed around twenty bills that will affect education in Broward County Public Schools. These bills will impact a wide variety of issues. SB 1642 revises the school grading and school improvement rating systems. This legislation also provides for a one year transition period to the new, statewide standardized assessments. With regards to student discipline and school safety, HB 7029 amends Florida statute to clarify that a student should not be disciplined for simulating a firearm while playing or for wearing clothing/accessories that depict a firearm .

    There were also some high priority issues that saw no movement during this legislative session. Controversial legislation concerning charter schools and class size reduction ultimately did not pass.

    Outside of legislative bills, Broward County Public Schools will also monitor movement on the state budget. It includes three line items that are currently awaiting Governor Scott’s approval that will provide over half a million in funding. This funding is completely independent of any funding that Broward County Public Schools stands to receive from state FEFP funding. Also pending approval in the budget is the restoration of PECO funding for traditional public schools; it has been 3 years since we have received these funds. Broward County Public Schools stands to receive over $5 million in PECO funding for capital projects.

    For more detailed information on bills affecting education that passed during this legislative session, please visit Broward County Public Schools Legislative Information.

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